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Think about it, if code, users, and features didn't exist, how easy would it be to maintain? How large could you get? How secure would it be? These are all the questions that plague development teams around the world. Of the many companies we've worked with, we realized just how dangerous code really is. We're here to solve the real problem in the software industry: code.

One of the greatest challenges in software development is knowing when to let go. Inspired by Marie Kondo’s book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up we’re helping software companies let go of legacy code, users, and features that no longer brings joy, without the obligation to add more.

Science Agrees

In an article published by ScienceDirect, they surveyed 15 large organizations on the impact and cost of tech debt. The results were astounding: "The cost of managing TD in large software organizations is estimated to be, on average, 25% of the whole development time."

Just think about that for a minute. If you spent 100,000,000 people-hours on a codebase that would be 25,000,000 people-hours or 38.05 average lifetimes. That's right, you could be saving close to 40 people by eliminating tech debt. If you have a team of 40, we're talking about the lives of your entire team. The math speaks for itself.


Does this ring true?

When our company started, we spent zero time fixing bugs. We could spend 100% of our time dreaming and brainstorming all the possible solutions to our future. In our minds we were already a $1,000,000,000.00 annual unicorn! We didn't need QA or customer service. We didn't need to navigate the Jira user-interface or train new developers on backlog management. We could jet off to a coffee shop, sit and dream.

It's true. Times were better without code, users, features, team members, challenges, budgets, AWS, code reviews, browser compatibilities, DevOps... Heck! development altogether. We're like a time machine of code-less travel. We jettison you back to a better time and place. To a place where it was sunshines and rainbows of blank screens and empty log files. To a dependency-free existence.

Programmers just keep things forever. Their Git repos become bloated with all their 'history.' They need to put all their code into one large file, thank it line by line, and then delete it all." (She didn't say this exactly, but we're sure she would have said something like this.)

Marie Kondo
Tidying Specialist

Introducing Kevin Craine our Chief Deletion Officer (CDO)

Once a Senior Software Engineer, Kevin has shown great skill in code deletion. He's proven himself as an expert in code deletion. Listen to this interview on our #Interestings Podcast about his experience, methodology, and goals in this new position.

How does it work?

First, we work with your team to delete code, users and features. Second, there is no second. We stand back and mic-drop together.

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Are you a developer and want to be an expert in code deletion? We're opening up 10 internship opportunities for all experience levels. The program includes coaching and mentorship, along with a free "Never look back" t-shirt. You can be part of a timeless movement... 

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