0111 Conf PDX 2019

May 10, 2019

Portland, OR

A Chief Technology Officer’s Conference in Portland, Oregon

Why we chose to sponsor this event

Process-focused. Principle-driven.

Great software is built by great teams, and great teams are the result of great leadership. As CTOs you’re empowered to achieve outcomes through the people you lead. You can’t be everywhere and you can’t do everything; therefore, your role is to guide, direct and focus your team's attention towards the tools and systems that empower them to make great decisions day in and day out.

Over our many years, we’ve worked alongside CTOs and their teams to instill confidence through a consistent development and release process, level-up on new technologies, and deliver features that scale. While we see ourselves as guides and mentors, we operate as process-focused mentors and engineering leads. We use a simple set of principles to make quick decisions that keep delivery continual and code stable.

As a company, five core-principles guide us:

  1. Always learn and grow
  2. Share our knowledge and expertise
  3. Bridge the gap
  4. Keep it simple
  5. Take massive action and deliver!

Adam was recently featured on The CTO Studio podcast

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