Fortune and Glory, Sliding Nav, and Elixir

A summary of what's creating ZEAL

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How to Create Tabs Using React

In this video, Amy builds a React tabbed component from scratch.

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Twitch Stream: Learning Elixir: Trying to build a Twitch chat bot with Live View

Learning Elixir: Trying to build a Twitch chat bot with Live View

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Fortune and Glory
As a software developer, there are boundless paths and different kinds of work available. Especially with the trend of going remote. While this is mostly a self-serving article about my many years developing software, there are nuggets in here that can help newcomers learn what is important for them.

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Hands-Free Coding

Hands Free Coding

In this article, Josh Comeau describes his journey with hands-free coding. Earlier in the year, he was diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, a repetitive-strain injury, in both elbows, making it difficult to use a mouse or keyboard. As you might imagine, for a software developer, this presents a huge challenge. Fortunately, with the help of Talon Voice, a specialized dictation software, and Tobii 5, eye-tracking software Josh has been able to overcome these challenges. This article describes his setup.

State of CSS in 2020

State of CSS Survey

If you have a minute, take the State of CSS Survey. — As an added bonus, in the process, you may discover a thing or two within the answers that you didn't know.

Intro to Docker

Intro to Docker

This is a great introduction to docker, illustrating concepts through a 10-part sketch note series.