Interview with Mike Ko, Design Fundamentals, and WebContainers

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In this episode, Amy and James talk about 5 design principles: unity, contrast, balance, rhythm, and visual hierarchy and how they can be applied to an actual project, including their own.

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Interview with Hyosun Michael "Mike" Ko

The month of May is recognized as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month- a celebration of Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Stacey shares an interview with our own Hyosun Michael "Mike" Ko, who identifies as Asian American and South Korean.

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WebContainers- a new type of WebAssembly-based operating system that boots instantly and enables Node.js environments to run natively in-browser.

Learn CSS!

An evergreen CSS course and reference to level up your web styling expertise.

Hackers Foiled By 'Shape-Shifting' Processor

The Morpheus processor continually randomizes its microarchitecture every few hundred milliseconds to avoid being hacked.