Preventing Burn-out, Elixir, Phoenix, Great Remote Teammates, and Online Board Gaming

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In this episode, host Adam Cuppy talks with Nitya Narasimhan about the importance of self care and what it means to build an ecosystem around you to create support and prevent burnout.

As a Microsoft Senior Program Manager, Nitya discusses the affect remote work can have on our health and why it's important to be strategic about incorporating self-care into our lives so that we can be more effective in helping others.

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Throughout the season, we’ll be talking about personal growth in the lesser-known edges of software. Fun stuff like unique uses of tech in production, DevRel, product management, and so much more ZEAL goodness.

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Learning about Elixir + Phoenix programming from Zan and Matti!

On today's stream Erik, Matti, and Zan continue learning Elixir. Things get spicy by introducing Phoenix, a web framework, similar to Rails.

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Board Gaming Online with Friends

Staying sane in this new isolated world we currently find ourselves living in is tricky. The need to interact with others can be strong for some. The problem is finding a vehicle that will take us there. Board games can be the perfect thing to do. They can give a focus for a gathering, but how do you play a board game when everyone is sitting at home?

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Want to be a Great Remote Team Mate?

Having success as a remote teammate starts with how you approach your work when you're not remote. Kevin Craine, Senior Software Engineer at ZEAL, shares a core set of principles and skills that, when mastered, translates to a positive and fulfilling work experience, whether in-house or remote. He also touches on a few specific realities of working remotely; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Kevin's tips offer some guidance in what you can look for in an employer when considering joining a team.


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Quest: Tailor Visual Studio Codespaces To My Needs

Visual Studio Codespaces (formerly Visual Studio Online) is a cloud-powered dev environment accessible from anywhere. The beauty is that you can develop from anywhere, from any device, with Live Share built in.

In this post, Erik Guzman, a Senior Software Engineer at ZEAL, explains how to tailor this service to include his personal development setup, Rails, Elixir, and Phoenix for all of his development environments.


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