Software Freedom with Karen Sandler

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In our latest episode, Adam has a conversation with Karen Sandler, an engineer-turned-attorney who now serves as the Executive Director with the Software Freedom Conservancy.

Listen in as Karen tells the story of how a heart condition led to her mission for software freedom. Passionate about ethics in tech, Karen works to avoid using closed proprietary software where possible. Learn how this impacts the devices we use, such as heart defibrillators, and their security.

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NPM is being purchased by GitHub

npm is a JavaScript package manager. Its mission is to reduce the friction in JavaScript software development.

As GitHub has branched out into other aspects of the end-to-end developer community experience, it’s natural to see how the JavaScript package management process fits into that story. It’s not a loss leader or an experimental add-on or a way to quickly hire a team. Rather, the npm registry is a significant and concrete strategic asset serving GitHub’s mission of eliminating transaction costs in software development.

EmberConf 2020: Totally FREE Virtual Conf, March 17 - 18

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