Stage Fright, Stream Labs Clone, and a 5 Star Rating System

A summary of what's creating ZEAL

🎥 YouTube

Here, Amy will show you how to create a Five Star component in HTML and CSS. Since this piece doesn't use JavaScript, it's perfect for slipping into an HTML email.


🖥️ Twitch Stream

Phoenix/Elixir Working on the Login System for Streamlabs Clone

On the latest Twiitch Stream, Erik continues to build the Streamlabs Clone in Phoenix and  Elixir.


✏️ Blog Post

As actors, we practice/rehearse to find an honest moment. Then we repeat that moment over and over again until it's so rehearsed it's an ingrained routine we can trigger. The anxiety (or stage fright) results from fear, but confidence results from practice.

The more I/you/we can ingrain the habits, routines, and processes that consistently generate the type of result we want, the more automatic we'll become. It's in that automatism that we find calm, confidence, and excellence, all at once.


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It appears that the antitrust investigations are having some effect:


Clean JS code with examples:

This README is filled with best practices for writing clean code in JavaScript.



A library for displaying animated text.