Trust, Elixir and Phoenix, and Remix

A summary of what's creating ZEAL

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In this episode, Amy and James finish their discussion on freelancing in part 2. This episode covers journey maps, project discovery, vetting clients, submitting estimates and contracts, project management, finances, and business insurance.


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Trust Between Development Team and Business Leaders

All too often I hear that development or business leaders aren’t trusted in an organization. This can be expressed by both sides in words and actions. The problem is, if the organization is feeling this way nothing will truly succeed and at best a subpar solution is delivered. Trust is a two-way street. Both sides must work together to build and maintain trust.


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Tracking user activity in Elixir Phoenix

Erik continues to work on the Stream Closed Captioner, written in Phoenix and Elixir.


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A collection of cool stuff the ZEAL team found interesting this week.

New JavaScript Features ECMAScript 2021 (with examples)

ECMAScript 2021 is the version of ECMAScript corresponding to this year. There are some useful and awesome features that have been incorporated and could be used in our javascript projects.


Remix v1 Beta Launch

Through lots of live code, Ryan and Michael will tell you all about where Remix started, where it's at now, and what this v1 Beta launch means for one of the most exciting web frameworks today.


Prototyping within Figma

Recently, Figma released new interactive prototyping features that are currently in Beta. This video explores how to use those features to create interactive gaming prototypes.