"What makes a consultancy worth the money?", CSS Sliding Menu, and Brownfield Applications

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Building a CSS Sliding Menu without JavaScript

In this video, Amy builds a mobile menu that slides in and out when you click on the hamburger — without JavaScript.

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What makes a consultancy worth the money?

And, why is process our most valuable product

Agency/consultancy work comes down to three categories: staff augmentation, project work, and or evaluation and analysis. With long-term clients, we often do all of the above. In any case, our expertise must align with the engagement goals, or there's a high potential for failure; and failure is expensive. This type of knowledge is where a consultancy's process comes into the picture.

Navigating the Prickly Brownfield Application

An Approach to Long Lived Application Development

Having started, come back to, taken over, and been overtaken by many long lived applications, I have found some common practices that makes navigating these brown-fields easier and much more enjoyable. This article will focus on working within long lived applications and not replacing them.

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A Tale of 2 UX Teams

A Tale of 2 UX Teams

When it comes to creating great experiences, company culture is key.




If you're having trouble with your tests, you can run screen.logTestingPlaygroundUrl(). You will get a Testing Playground URL where you can visually see and interact with your code at that exact point in time. 🤯



The FullStack React Framework

Includes everything from the database to your frontend all inside a single app. Only one development server. Only one thing to deploy.