February 2, 2021

Elixir and Phoenix, Design, UI, and UX, and Bad TypeScript Habits

Trever Yarrish

Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

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In the latest stream, Erik continues working within Elixir and Phoenix.

Design, UI, and UX with Amy Dutton and James Q Quick

Amy made a guest apparance on James Q. Quick's stream to talk about Design, UI, and UX. They covered a plethora of topics -- from Tooling to Keystone.js to Freelance vs a Full Time Jobs.

🤔 Zeal Interestings

A collection of cool stuff the ZEAL team found interesting this week.

10 bad TypeScript habits to break this year

TypeScript and JavaScript have steadily evolved over the last years, and some of the habits we built over the last decades have become obsolete. Some might never have been meaningful. Here's a list of 10 habits that we all should break.


NES.css is NES-style (8bit-like) CSS Framework.

Engineering Productivity Can Be Measured - Just Not How You'd Expect

Since the advent of the software industry, most engineering teams have seen productivity as a black box. Only recently have people even begun to build internal tools that optimize performance. Unfortunately, most of these tools measure the wrong metrics and are shockingly similar across companies. We even built some of these tools and made mistakes. Now, we'd like to share the way forward.
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