We Design and Develop

Web and Mobile Applications

We help you win consistently with a process that ensures delivery, technologies that scale, and design that draws your users in to fully engage in your product’s experience.


Our services are like a set of tools. Each tool serves a purpose for a given set of needs. We first seek to understand the problem you are trying to solve and then help you figure out which tool(s) fit your project best.

Initial Consultation

This is where all of our project engagements start. We work to understand what success of your project looks like and help decide what is the best path and fit.

Codebase Assessment

This is where all of our project engagements start. We work to understand what success of your project looks like and help decide what is the best path and fit.
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"Working with Zeal is a breath of fresh air. They have the staff and resources for product planning, software design and development, and their work is extraordinary. We could not be more fortunate to work with them."

> Jack Shur
CEO at Live Possibility

Design & Planning

Depending on the defined needs of your project, we have a set of offerings that set your project up for success. We offer these services outside of our development services because they are truly stand alone tools that your project will find tremendous value in even if you do not pursue a development with our team at this time.

Design Sprint

The design sprint gives a company insight into where their current vision will take them, offering a preview of the finished product and customer reactions. But it does so prior to the expensive commitment required to actually build the product.

User Story Workshop

This workshop is crucial to the beginning of every project. In our User Story Workshop, we will teach you how to visualize your goal and break it into bite-size user stories with clearly outlined criteria for how to complete the task.


We have a flexible line-up of development service offerings. This allows us to serve projects that range from ongoing code review and mentoring to complex multi-phase applications. We only build what you need.

Code Review & Mentoring

With an average of more than 10 years of experience per person, Zeal brings to the table a passion for clean, well-crafted code and a love of teaching.
A good fit for
  • Leveling up your team
  • Simplifying your architecture
  • Cleaning up your code
  • Feeling good about the future
  • Mentoring on code review process
  • Mentoring on best practices
  • Architecture review
  • Pull request reviews

"Zeal's code review service was the perfect fit for a sudden vacuum in our development team. When one of our senior developers left the team, we needed to keep the ship moving. Zeal's expertise and engaging working style let us move forward without a hitch. In addition, they ended up contributing to an improved overall product."

> Sunil Doshi
VP, Product at Reviewed.com

Upgrades & Migrations

A lean team of developers is perfect for providing the bandwidth needed to take on the project your team can't tackle on its own.
A good fit for
  • Software modernization
  • Migrating to a new framework
  • 2+ Dedicated developers
  • UI/UX design as needed
  • 1 Project manager
  • Daily/Weekly updates

"The main reasons we keep coming back to Zeal are quality and pace of work. Plus willingness to fit into our development process, priorities and testing approaches without at all acting like snooty know-it-alls."

> Russell Reas
VP, Technology at Q-Centrix

Complex Multi-Phase App

This comprehensive solution includes everything you need, from design to development and deployment, to build an application that makes your vision a reality.
A good fit for
  • Design to MVP
  • MVP to V1
  • Project rescue
  • 2+ Dedicated developers
  • 1 Dedicated Architect/Anchor
  • 1 Part-time UI/UX designer
  • 1 Project manager
  • Daily/Weekly updates

"I felt like I not only had good business partners, but befriended a good group of people. I believe Zeal has my interest at heart, and not just my company, but me specifically. They want their work to shine, so I look good."

> Nick Fuller
Director of IT at VIP Petcare