Case Study

VIP Petcare

We helped VIP Petcare build a platform for managing their thousands of contractors. The results: reduced their weekly time investment by 120%, and their contractor rates by 20%.

VIP Petcare provides the highest standard of preventative veterinary care to pet parents through a nationwide network of Community Clinic locations and Wellness Centers.


As their company rapidly grew from managing a handful of contractors to literally thousands; their current processes and procedures had failed to scale with the growth. They had an overwhelming amount of paperwork to manage relief veterinary contractors, their licenses and insurance, and more importantly, their schedules and rates. Growing from having to manage 20 people three days a week to over 2000 contractors seven days a week in a short period of time, they needed to create a system that automated the process of scheduling, empowered the contractors to enter and update their own licenses and insurance records, and a way to manage contractor rates in an economic and efficient way.


We designed and developed a responsive EmberJs web application that allowed veterinarians to maintain their own profiles, see a list of upcoming clinic routes and make bids on the routes they desired. The app also managed the entire negotiation and contracting process.

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I felt like I not only had good business partners, but befriended a good group of people. I believe Zeal has my interest at heart, and not just my company, but me specifically. They want their work to shine, so I look good.