We are Digital Artisans

Designing and Engineering Amazing Web and Mobile Products

We love what we do. We have a passion for building projects that enhance people's lives. We have a zeal for great code serving the greater good.


We empower visionaries

Huge problems are solved with great ideas. We're here to bring those ideas to life. Because, the truth is, we're not the heroes: you are.

From vision to implementation, each step of our process ensures that what we've crafted is exactly what is needed. What good is the solution, if it doesn't make huge strides towards solving the problem?

Let's solve problems, together.

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Supremely Handcrafted

User Experience Process Technology

We make certain the full experience is in alignment with the project goals. We go to great lengths, some would say superhuman, to ensure your product looks incredible and is accessible in all environments.

Responsive Design

We create beautiful applications carefully designed to look equally great on laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones, so you're accessible to all your customers, everywhere they go.

Validation User Testing

We don't just build functionality, we build winning products. We conduct testing and validate key assumptions and decisions to ensure we are always building the most beneficial features.

Technology & Tools

We embrace the most powerful web & mobile technologies. With Ruby on Rails on the server side and rich JavaScript frameworks on the client side, we can accomplish anything!

Our team members have worked on projects for...

The Team

Passion Monger Coding ZEAL Icon

Adam Cuppy

Secret Identity Adam Cuppy


Founding Partner

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Linchpin Coding ZEAL Icon

Trever Yarrish

Secret Identity Trever Yarrish

Managing Director

Founding Partner

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Code Slinger Coding ZEAL Icon

Sean Culver

Secret Identity Sean Culver

Managing Director


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Lexun Coding ZEAL Icon

Luke Barbuto

Secret Identity Luke Barbuto

Software Engineer

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Refactron Coding ZEAL Icon

Randy Coulman

Secret Identity Randy Coulman

Sr. Software Engineer

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Doctor Zelos Coding ZEAL Icon

Jason Harrison

Secret Identity Jason Harrison

Software Engineer

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Craineum Coding ZEAL Icon

Kevin Craine

Secret Identity Kevin Craine

Software Engineer

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Zephyr Coding ZEAL Icon

Conroy Whitney

Secret Identity Conroy Whitney

Software Engineer

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Omniscia Coding ZEAL Icon

Stacey Kellenbeck

Secret Identity Stacey Kellenbeck

Events & Special Projects

X Coding ZEAL Icon

Amy Dutton

Secret Identity Amy Dutton

Designer / Developer

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Gemulator Coding ZEAL Icon

Jules Rogmans

Secret Identity Jules Rogmans


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The Mirror Coding ZEAL Icon

Alfonso Moreno

Secret Identity Alfonso Moreno

Experience Ambassador


Devoptimus Coding ZEAL Icon

Alex Crawford

Secret Identity Alex Crawford

Software Engineer

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Rubysaurus Coding ZEAL Icon

Emma Castor

Secret Identity Emma Castor


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House Coding ZEAL Icon

Jesse House

Secret Identity Jesse House

Software Engineer

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Secret Identity UI/UX Designer

Design, HTML, SCSS

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Secret Identity Rails Engineer

Ruby on Rails, Javascript

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Secret Identity Mobile Engineer

iOS, Android

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