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Unlock the power of design sprints to rapidly solve problems, test new ideas, and drive innovation in just 4 days!

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When was the last time you developed and tested an idea in 4 Days?

Efficiently tackle months of work in just a few days through collaborative and creative problem-solving.

We help you to streamline your team's efforts, come up with a solution and get real user feedback in only 4 days!

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Benefits of a Design Sprint

Design sprints offer a wide range of benefits, including:

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Rapid prototyping and testing

The compressed time frame of a sprint allows teams to quickly develop and test prototypes of their ideas, receiving valuable feedback from real users early on in the process.

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Cross-functional collaboration

A design sprint brings together a diverse group of experts from within an organization, promotes cross-functional teamwork, and aligns teams towards a common goal.

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User-centered approach

The design sprint approach integrates user feedback and testing throughout the process, which leads to more user-friendly solutions.

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Reduced risk of failure

By testing and validating assumptions early in the process with real users, a Design Sprint reduces the risks of costly failures early on.

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Sprint with ZEAL

ZEAL empowers startups and enterprise companies to deliver coded, custom solutions at lightning speed.

We understand that it's not just about following a strict process, but rather it's about creating a positive and productive experience. We work closely with our client's teams to tailor the design sprint process to their specific needs and goals.

But there is more! Even after the sprint, we are here to support you and your team to ensure that they can implement the results. We see our role as not only facilitators but also as partners, working closely with your team to achieve success.

The Outcome

By the end of the week, we will have identified a specific challenge, generated potential solutions, and validated them through the creation and testing of a prototype, ensuring a clear direction and path forward.

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Clear Answers

Clear answers to the initial questions and valuable user insights gathered from testing

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User-Tested Prototype

A user-tested interactive prototype, including design files and access to user test videos

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Long-term Goal

A long-term goal and associated success metrics for internal alignment

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Plan of Action

A clear plan of action for the next steps to be taken based on the outcome of the design sprint

Remote Design Sprints 💻 🌍

ZEAL is a remote-first company and runs Design Sprints in person and remotely. Are you considering a remote Design Sprint? There are a lot of benefits to facilitating a sprint remotely.

Benefits of a remote Sprint

Accessible participation for remote teams regardless of location or timezone
Cost-effective without physical space or travel expenses
Easy documentation and progress sharing through collaboration tools
Immediate start with no travel time or setup
Fewer distractions lead to faster sprints
Flexible structure and schedules for busy participants

Differences to an in-person Sprint

The sprint takes 4 weeks instead of 4 days
Workshops are shorter and split over several days
A full week to onboard the team
A full week to interview all key stakeholders
An iteration sprint based on the outcomes of the first sprint
Delivery of specific and actionable steps at the end

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