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Our Declaration

We are dedicated to improving the experience of every person our company serves.

This includes, but is not limited to, anyone our company has the opportunity to cross paths with.

For our clients, we are committed to providing more value than we receive.

We are constantly looking for new ways to excite and delight you. Whether through brilliant products, incredible experiences, or solutions to your most unique and complicated problems, our goal is to create a raving fan in you.

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We are devoted to being one of the best places to work, by paying close attention to our environment, our culture, and our leadership.

You are only ever as good as the people on your team and our people are some of the finest. It is our duty and honor to be a company that truly supports our team’s learning, flexibility, belonging, and overall fulfillment.

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To our community, we pledge to open-source our learnings and continue to bridge the gap to access and representation in our industry.

We will create and build impactful experiences, products and media so great, that you can’t help but to join us.

So join us. #CreatingZEAL

Our Principles

We work to serve people. That’s our special sauce and our principles anchor us to what really matters. It’s not marketing-speak. It’s how we approach everything. It’s also why we’ve been around for nearly a decade.

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Always Learn & Grow

We fundamentally believe in constant improvement… of ourselves, our process and the tools we build with.

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We create massive transparency into how we do what we do so that others can learn from our successes… and our failures.

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bridge the gap

We value experience and expertise, and we also value helping to bridge the skill gap for those just starting out.

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keep it simple

If people can more easily understand something, then it's more likely to get done.

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take massive action & deliver

At the end of the day action is what enables the rest to happen.

Our Team

You are only ever as good as the people on your team and luckily at ZEAL, our people are some of the best out there.

The ZEAL team is made up of experts in business, design, product development, strategy, and engineering.  We are a remote-first team, distributed across 7 states, with headquarters in Grants Pass, OR.

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