We’re about more than just quality code and consulting excellence. We value connection, flexibility, culture, and learning. We also value our team which is why we have been around for nearly a decade and our staff turnover is less than 1%.  

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Our daily stand-ups are just the best. We share what's interesting, learn from each other, and always have a laugh. I believe that people make a company and ZEAL has created a fantastic team environment, that makes me feel at home.

Lisa Panke

UX/UI Designer in Residence
Headshot of Lisa, a UI/UX designer at ZEAL

Solve hard problems with great people.

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100% of all current and former team members say that ZEAL has an inclusive, supportive culture that encourages connection.


Learning and growth is prioritized at ZEAL. We’ve implemented ZEAL Fridays, where we encourage team members to pursue non-billable projects and leveling-up. We even sponsor team and individual projects!

We want our team members engaged and passionate about what they’re creating because their (ahem) zeal transfers into their work.

Headshot of Amy, Director of Design at ZEAL

"ZEAL gave me freedom. Yes-financially, but also with my time. As a mom with three kids, flexibility is paramount to me. I feel so supported and trusted. ZEAL even sponsored my Youtube Channel and podcast and has encouraged me to grow and learn. It’s one of the best places I’ve worked at, for sure.

Amy Dutton

Director of Design

We understand that change moves at the speed of trust. Therefore, we create safe spaces for honest conversations, ongoing feedback, and growth.

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ZEAL helps to create the best products and experiences and that means our teams and policies must truly reflect and serve the society we live in.

Creating ZEAL involves everyone and we welcome you to our community.

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Things we care about

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We promote an open and collaborative approach to the decision-making process. We are pragmatically agile — encourage pair programming and multi-discipline collaboration — and flexible, with an evolutionary view of the product lifecycle.

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To Serve. To Craft. To Ignite. We “sell” an experience. Empathy, enthusiasm, artisanship, and appreciation towards one another are our most valued attributes. We want you to bring a deep passion and excitement for the engineering art form. We embrace the label "consultant" and do our best to offer our clients solutions to their most valuable problems.

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We practice the finer points of eXtreme Programming: a highly collaborative development process. We strive to maintain small project teams and tight cycles of feedback and remove as many operational barriers as possible. This enables our us to build the right product, the right way. We practice multi-discipline pair programming, which means we not only pair up engineers but also designers. We'll often pair with engineers from our client teams.

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Level-Up and Give Back

We are always looking for ways to help the team level-up their skills: sponsoring and attending conferences, encourage speaking opportunities, host regular tech talks and meetups, and invite industry leaders to work with the team. Team members are encouraged to give back to the OS community through OS contributions, blog posts, and similar efforts.

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We hold true that our team should not feel hindered by the tools they use.  As such, we provide up to date MacBooks, monitors and other pairing peripherals to each member of the team.