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Client Startups to Fortune 500s have experienced:

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3x Revenue Growth

Increased revenue and contracts awarded

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90% Productivity Increase

Revolutionized workflows and optimizations

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40% Reduced Cost

Enabled the business to reduce production and staffing costs

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Award-winning Design & Apps

We’ve helped clients win technical awards across multiple industries

What problem can we help you solve?

We design and develop unique solutions and products for companies at every stage. We focus on performance, collaboration, and excellence for established businesses to enterprise startups to hypergrowth scaleups, and everything in between.

Web and Mobile App Solutions

We focus on performance, collaboration, and excellence.

At ZEAL, our product designers are also expert developers. This level of integration has propelled our clients to build award-winning products and digital solutions for nearly 10 years. We also have developed proven systems and processes, having worked with the best companies and teams around.

For you, this means your teams will learn how to scale and build quickly. Your clients will be served expertly and your launch (modernization, upgrades, workflow, etc) will happen quickly and seamlessly.

Featured Technologies and Specialities

  • Legacy Upgrades & Stack Modernizations
  • Data Integrity & Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Digital Transformation
  • Performance Enhancements
  • Technical Team Development

Technologies and Tools

We worked with Finetune on their overall digital transformation, developing and refining workflow automations and optimizations, machine learning, alongside building custom software. The impact? The team experienced 65% increased performance alongside major cost reductions. Finetune was then better able to serve and support their customers which includes some of the biggest global brands in the world.

Screenshot of the Finetune App

Partnering with ZEAL from day one brought a level of comfort and confidence that we were on the right path and doing the right things. The results speak for themselves.”

Ben miller

Chief Information Officer, Fine Tune

Revolutionized Workflow

ZEAL was instrumental in helping Argen become a leader in digital medical solutions. We helped to revolutionize their workflow by taking a previously manualized process that was prone to error and created a 3D digital viewing portal. We also built a custom ecommerce solution for the company and are proud to see the rippling impact custom software has had across dentistry.  Learn more.

Screenshots of the Argen App

We had a situation where our solution was not scalable and was also very hard to make changes to without breaking everything. We have benefited a lot from ZEAL’s process. We have scaled tremendously with similar sized staff because of the site/application. We would not be where we are today without this site/application.

Marc Kozai

Sr Director, Information Systems

Performance and Security Enhancements

From site accessibility to security and performance, our team helped Reviewed to create technical systems and implementations so their company could truly scale. We also improved their overall business intelligence, including analytics and data integrity. Their team is building their talent pipeline as well with our Software Residency.

Screenshot of Reviewed.com
Sunil Doshi

Zeal's code review service was the perfect fit for a sudden vacuum in our development team. When one of our senior developers left the team, we needed to keep the ship moving. Zeal's expertise and engaging working style let us move forward without a hitch. In addition, they ended up contributing to an improved overall product."

Sunil doshi

VP, Product at Reviewed.com

Massive Growth and Team Optimizations

Zeal built an ecosystem for veterinarians, upgrading their technical systems and developing the AppointVets app. The app reduced costs by 40% and increased contracts by 20%. Zeal also created scalable API layers and software integrations for VIP Petcare, enabling them to expand nationally with 40 offices. They mentored and trained the technical team for future success.

Screenshot of the vip petcare mobile App

Working with Zeal enabled our business to reduce costs by up to 40% and increase our volume of contracts awarded by 20%.

Darrin Harris


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