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Git for Beginners: Best Practices for Teams

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about the video

I work for a remote company, called Zeal. Git is an essential part of our workflow. In this video, I highlight some of the processes and best practices we use every day.

0:52 Tip #1: One Feature on One Branch
1:16 Tip #2: Pushing Your Code
1:59 Tip #3 Pulling from Master
2:35 Tip #4 Rebasing Vs Merging
8:29 Tip #5 Co-Authoring

* Project Code on GitHub
* Git Mob for VS Code

* Hyper - Free Terminal
* Hyper Cobalt 2 Theme

Part 1: What is git? Why use it? How to install it
Part 2: How to use git in the Terminal and in a Graphical User Interface, like Tower
Part 3: Fixing Bad Commits
Part 4: Branching
Part 5: How to Resolve Merge Conflicts
Part 6: Writing and Approving Pull Requests in GitHub
Part 8: Tips and Tricks for working with git - COMING SOON!

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