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git for Beginners: gitignore tutorial

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When you're working with git, sometimes you'll have project files that you don't want to be committed to your repository. A .gitignore file will prevent those file those files from being added.

In this video, I explain what a .gitignore file is, where it belongs, and common files and directories you'll want to include.

+ .gitignore file template

Part 1: What is git? Why use it? How to install it
Part 2: How to use git in the Terminal and in a Graphical User Interface, like Tower
Part 3: Fixing Bad Commits
Part 4: Branching
Part 5: How to Resolve Merge Conflicts
Part 6: Writing and Approving Pull Requests in GitHub
Part 7: Best Practices for Teams
Part 8: What is Tracking?
Part 10: git Aliases and Oh My Zsh! - COMING SOON
Part 11: gitmoji - COMING SOON
Part 12: Working with SSH Keys - COMING SOON

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