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Git for Beginners: How to use git in the Terminal and in a Graphical User Interface, like Tower

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In this video, we're going to walk through how to use git in the Terminal and in Tower and what it looks like to use it on an actual project.
1:03 Setting up a new project
1:37 What is a repo?
1:54 cd Changing directories within the Terminal
2:07 git init - Initialize a new repository
2:18 ls -la List all items within a directory inside the Terminal
3:33 git Workflow Summary
4:27 git status
4:51 git add
5:23 git commit
5:34 Rules for writing good commit messages
6:05 Writing longer commit messages, within Vim
6:24 i to enter INSERT mode and add text within Vim
6:56 ESCAPE key to exit INSERT mode, :wq to save and quit Vim
7:14 git show
8:04 git diff
8:35 git log
8:45 Set up a GitHub account
9:39 Creating a repository on GitHub
11:09 git remote add origin
11:29 git push -u origin master
12:51 Example of an existing
15:16 Using a GUI (Tower)
๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿป LINKS
* Hyper - Free Terminal
* Hyper Cobalt 2 Theme
* Tower
* Project on GitHub
Part 1: What is git? Why use it? How to install it
Part 3: Backtracking in git - Coming Soon!
Part 4: Branching in git - Coming Soon!
Part 5: Working with git in a Team - Coming Soon!
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