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Intro to JavaScript Testing

In this video, I'll provide a brief introduction to testing.

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Tests are so important and often overlooked. They give you confidence that your code is working the way that it should and any changes and updates that we make to our codebase won't break existing pieces.

In this video, I'll provide a brief introduction to testing.


This video is part of a larger series where we build a React component from scratch and then write the tests to support it.
+ Part 1: Building the Actual React Tabbed Component
+ Part 2: Intro to Testing - THIS VIDEO
+ Part 3: Setting up our Testing Environment -
+ Part 4: Testing our utility function - COMING SOON!
+ Part 5: Testing our React Component - COMING SOON!
+ Part 6: Looking at Code Coverage - COMING SOON!

0:00 Intro / Beginning
1:12 Overview of Testing
1:48 Static Tests
2:07 Unit Testing
2:27 Integration Tests
2:38 End-to-End Testing
3:29 Testing Methodology
4:10 Regression Tests
4:21 Visual Testing

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