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June 15, 2023

Announcing the first-ever RedwoodJS Conference powered by ZEAL

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

We are thrilled to announce an upcoming event that brings developers, enthusiasts, and the curious together - the first-ever RedwoodJS Conference. This remarkable event, organized by ZEAL in partnership with the RedwoodJS team, is poised to reshape the landscape of the RedwoodJS ecosystem.

The Vision

We believe in the potential of RedwoodJS as a full-stack solution, surpassing its reputation as merely a JAMstack option. This conference serves to spotlight RedwoodJS as a robust React framework capable of meeting the complex demands of modern software development.

What to Expect?

Growth of the RedwoodJS Ecosystem

The event is a perfect platform for learning, exploration, and collaboration. We aim to boost the RedwoodJS adoption, providing in-depth workshops, fruitful discussions, and networking opportunities to stimulate interest and deepen knowledge of RedwoodJS.

Networking and Collaboration

We're creating a unique space where diverse professionals converge, share ideas, and innovate. We hope this gathering inspires novel insights and propels mutual growth within the industry.

Credibility and Trust

The conference is set to strengthen the reputation of RedwoodJS by showcasing successful case studies, revealing the latest developments, and discussing the future roadmap of this promising framework.

Successful Execution

We are committed to delivering a fulfilling and impactful experience for all attendees, both in-person and virtual. Our goal is to provide an engaging environment that caters to the needs and expectations of our community.

Long-Term Community Building

We envision this conference as a catalyst for a vibrant, enduring RedwoodJS community, wherein resources and opportunities for collaboration persist beyond the event.

Learning and Skill Development

Distinguished speakers will deliver sessions that equip attendees with the necessary skills and insights to master RedwoodJS and other relevant technologies.

What’s Possible

Attendees will witness firsthand the potential of RedwoodJS, exploring its vast capabilities and getting inspired by what can be achieved.

Jobs and Opportunities

One of the missions is to connect job seekers and companies that rely on RedwoodJS, facilitating opportunities for talent to find the right platform for growth.

Redwood for Business

We aim to highlight the application of RedwoodJS in various business contexts, from consultancies to entrepreneurial ventures.

Join Us!

The RedwoodJS Conference is the perfect occasion to dive deeper into the capabilities of RedwoodJS and contribute to its vibrant, growing community. Mark your calendars, and prepare for an exciting journey of discovery and innovation.

Visit the conference website at for more information about the conference, including schedules, speaker line-ups, and of course the ticket sale. We can’t wait to see you there!

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