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December 21, 2023

Zeal in 2023: A Year of Empowering Innovation and Building Connections

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

2023 has been a remarkable year for ZEAL. As a leading software engineering and design consulting company, we've achieved significant milestones and paved the way for groundbreaking innovations and community engagement.

The RedwoodJS Conference

This year's RedwoodJS Conference was a standout event, illustrating our commitment to technical excellence and human connection. With international attendance and top-tier speakers, the conference showcased the latest in tech, while emphasizing the personal touch that sets ZEAL apart.

Image with Video Link RedwoodJS Conference Playlist

AI Sessions & Workshops

Our commitment to knowledge sharing leaped forward in 2023, with a focus on AI and machine learning.

We launched "ZEAL Sessions on AI" with various thought leaders across the industry and hosted AI Workshops with hundreds of participants at ZEAL HQ.

AI Leadership Conversation with Andy Ballester

Creating ZEAL

We created and produced Strugglecast a podcast offering insights into the challenges and triumphs in technology, had team members speak around the globe on innovation in tech, held a virtual summit, and offered weekly content to our community through Twitch streams, newsletter and the ZEAL Blog.

Listen to Strugglecast

Client Success Stories

We also celebrated numerous client wins this year!

Some standout highlights include: delivering upgraded digital shipping and 48 responsive web pages for Argen. For Finetune, we enhanced performance and streamlined reporting. We also helped create a working application prototype and the development of a user dashboard, setting new benchmarks in innovation for

ZEAL X Reviewed

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, ZEAL remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation. We're excited about upcoming projects and the opportunities to continue making a positive impact in the tech community. If you would like to discuss how AI could be integrated into your product or internal infrastructure as a super power, we would love to meet with you and discuss the possibilities!

At ZEAL, we believe in the power of technology to transform and connect. Our journey in 2023 is a testament to this belief, and we're eager to continue this path of innovation and growth. Join us as we step into the future, ready to create, innovate, and inspire. Let’s go!

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