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March 9, 2021

Build Thermostats- Not Faucets, SVG Sprites, and Building Scalable Web Applications

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

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Turning on the faucet for a shower is a familiar experience at home. You turn one or two knobs to the positions you already know, and the shower experience is the same one you have every day. Using a faucet in an unfamiliar place, however, is a frustrating process of trial and error. There is no indication of “do this if you want a comfortable shower”, you have to play around with one or more knobs until things are right.

📹 YouTube

SVG Sprites

In this video, Amy demonstrates several methods for setting up an SVG Sprite. This a great method for using SVGs on your site because you can change the size and color of your images on the fly. This file can be served after 1 http request and cached for any subsequent requests.

🖥️ Twitch

[Elixir/Phoenix] Building scalable web applications

In the latest stream, Erik continues migrating a Rails application that's in production over to Phoenix. This application uses web sockets to display closed captions on Twitch.

🚺️ Women's History Month

Women who Code

We want to highlight an organization that we believe in.

We are committed to ensuring that Women Who Code is an anti-racist organization and recognize the power of our platform to be a force that affects change. Until we all experience justice and equity in our daily lives, none of us can.

🤔 Zeal Interestings

A collection of cool stuff the ZEAL team found interesting this week.

7 Zoom mistakes you might still be making — and how to raise your video skills

Even though so many of us have been spending so much time on Zoom, I’ve noticed there are some common mistakes that people — even experienced communicators — are still making. Here they are, along with my favorite tips and tricks to fix them all.

Skyline: Your GitHub story in 3D

View a 3D model of your GitHub contribution graph.

Keep tabs on your tabs in Google Chrome

Chrome just released a new feature for grouping your tabs.

There are two types of people in the world: tab minimalists who have just a few tabs open at a time and tab collectors who have...significantly more.

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