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June 9, 2020

Building a Career in App Dev, Favorite git Trick, Elixir, & Phoenix

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

🎙️ Podcast

Building a Career in App Development with Jake Witcher

In this episode, host Adam Cuppy chats with Jake Witcher. They chat about building a career in app development and how important it is to keep learning and adding valuable skill sets to your arsenal.

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Throughout the season, we’ll be talking about personal growth in the lesser-known edges of software. Fun stuff like unique uses of tech in production, DevRel, product management, and so much more ZEAL goodness.

🎥 YouTube

Git for Beginners: Gitmoji, my favorite git Trick

In this video, Amy talk about one of her favorite tips and tricks for when you're working with git. For each commit she writes, she uses an emoji to represent the type of commit being made. As a result, she can quickly glance at a commit message and immediately know what type of change was made.

🖥️ Twitch Stream

Erik learning Elixir and Phoenix on Twitch

[Elixir, Phoenix] Back to basics, lets trying doing the Phoenix Guides

Erik continues his adventure learning more about Elixir and Phoenix by building.

✍️ Blog Posts

The Importance of the .dockerignore File

In this article, Erik Guzman, Senior Software Engineer, takes a deeper look at the .dockerignore file. This file is often overlooked in online tutorials and guides, but is essential when using Docker in a production environment.

Developer Dark Arts: Default Exports

Here, Nate explains why default exports can be problematic for projects and why Named Exports create cleaner code.

10 Virtual Water Cooler Ideas

In this article, Kevin provides 10 different ideas for creating connection and community within a remote-first company.

There are proven benefits of having casual conversations. It builds team relationships, increases productivity, and creates an enjoyable atmosphere.

🔗 Links and Interestings

New Space Ship Screens

Did you notice? The Screens on the new Space Ship are running on Chromium and JavaScript

"Calling it. We are now officially starship developers." ~Chris White

Color Copy Paste

Color Copy Paste

This sweet app allows you to Copy and Paste Color directly from your camera to Figma, Sketch, or the Web Browser

Increment Magazine


This is an online and print magazine produced by Stripe. The latest issue focuses on frontend development. One of my favorite quotes comes from the How to Evaluate your Frontend Architecture because it highlights our philosophy at ZEAL:

Our job as engineers is not just to build websites, it’s to support a business model, contribute to a culture, grow careers, and, above all, create value.

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