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May 20, 2020

Celebrating Software, git for Teams, Elixir & Phoenix, Rails Tips, and Consulting

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

🎙️ Podcast

In this episode, Colin Dean and Sarah Withy from Code and Supply sit down with host Adam Cuppy to talk about about hosting the Abstractions conference, and what they hope guests get from the experience.

Tune in and get inspired by the celebration of software and those who make it, through the connection of in-person meetups, that remind us of the joy of being in tech.

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Throughout the season, we’ll be talking about personal growth in the lesser-known edges of software. Fun stuff like unique uses of tech in production, DevRel, product management, and so much more ZEAL goodness.

📹 YouTube

Git For Beginners: Best Practices for Teams

Git is an essential part of of our team workflow. In this video, Amy highlights some of the processes that we've put in place for using git as a team.

🖥️ Twitch Stream

Elixir + Phoenix, Learning to make cool website stuff

Erik continues his adventure learning more about Elixir and Phoenix by building.

📝 Blog Post

Enumberable#index_by for Better Hash Building in Rails

Ruby hashes are awesome! They allow us to efficiently access data by a key. A common task in data processing is to build hashes using Enumerable#each_with_object so we can quickly access related data during processing steps. I learned that we can use Rails’ ActiveSupport method Enumerable#index_by to make this manipulation even easier.

Software Consulting, Creating Solutions Together

What is software consulting? Software consulting can mean many different things to different people. For some it may be writing code to a specification. For others it may be architecting a system to fulfill a set of requirements. This article will show the what and more importantly the why of my focus as a software consultant. At each turn I will explain why I choose to focus on a particular subject, this way you can decide if it is important for you when looking at software consultancy.

🔗 Links / Interestings


What is Deno and will it Replace NodeJS?

Obviously, it is too early to tell, but Deno is something worth keeping your eye on.

In 2018, Ryan Dahl, the original developer of Node.js gave a talk where he covered ten things he regrets about Node.js. At the end of his presentation, he unveiled Deno. Last Wednesday (May 13th) Deno 1.0 was officially released.

VS Code: Now Creating Pull Requests

The GitHub Pull Requests extension in VS Code allows you to manage your pull requests directly from your IDE.

This extension hows been around for a bit, but I just installed it. The interface is certainly not as good as Github, but it is nice to be able to quickly see PR statuses and respond to comments without leaving the editor. ~Zan


A state management library for React

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