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August 18, 2020

Cleaner React, Styling Form Fields, and Building Elixir packages

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

📹 YouTube

Styling a Text Field for a Web App

Usually, when you're building a React web application, you'll use JavaScript to manage to different form states. But, is there a CSS-only solution? In this video, Amy explains some techniques in styling form fields.

✍️ Blog

Cleaner React: How to Write More Readable Components

Often times React components become hard to understand due to conditional rendering. At first a simple if/else or ternary operator appears benign to your overall readability, but over time as changes occur another if/else or ternary may be added.

Compounding this issue is when conditional operators are nested many times, which unfortunately is too easy to do.

Let's first look at how to conditionally render in React and then dive into several experiments that might present more readable ways to conditionally render in React.

🖥️ Twitch

Twitch: Rebuilding a Ruby gem as an Elixir Package

Part 2: Rebuilding a Ruby gem as an Elixir Package

In this video, Erik continues rebuilding a Ruby gem. You can find Part 1, here.

🔗 Links and Interestings

Egghead Talks

Egghead Talks

Egghead just released a “Talks” page with longer-form conference talk videos:

eggheadTalks are first and foremost interesting for web developers. These talks cover stories about products or experiences are building them, ideas for solving problems that exist today, or the history of computing.

The Daily

The Daily: Jack Dorsey on Twitter's Mistakes

Politics aside, this conversation with Jack Dorsey is really interesting. Specifically, the methodical approach to iteration and slowing down to think about the implications of small choices.

Tailwind UI

Tailwind CSS: From Side-Project Byproduct to Multi-Million Dollar Business

We're also about to cross $2 million in revenue from Tailwind UI, our first commercial Tailwind CSS product which was released about 5 months ago — a bit under two years after the very first Tailwind CSS release. Here’s the story from the beginning, while it’s still fresh enough to remember…

As a fun side note, Adam Wathan (co-author of TailWind) is a former guest on our podcast.

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