Code Coverage, Kubernetes, Emojis, and Tailwind

An overview of what's been creating ZEAL

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Code Coverage

In this video, Amy gives a brief overview of code coverage: (1) how to set it up, (2) what it does and (3) doesn't tell you.

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New Tech: Trying a new Gem that makes Kubernetes deploys easy

New Tech: Trying a new Gem that makes Kubernetes deploys easy

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Cave Drawings: Emojis and Commit Messages
To my anti-emoji friend's point, emojis are indeed modern day cave drawings. They illustrate a common meaning without the overhead of having the reader parse written language. I mean it's been baked into our DNA for millennia. Don't believe me? Science says we recognize pictures much faster than words. So why not embrace the shorthand?

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Deploy Your Rails App the Easy Way

Kuby is a convention-over-configuration approach to deploying Rails apps. It makes the power of Docker and Kubernetes accessible to the average Rails developer without requiring a devops black belt.

Tailwind Play

Tailwind Play

Everything here works just like it does when you're running Tailwind locally with a real build pipeline. You can customize your config file, use features like `@apply`, or even add third-party plugins.

Beautiful CSS 3D Transform Examples

Beautiful CSS 3D Transform Examples

CSS 3D transforms create depth and visually interesting elements on your page using perspective.