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April 27, 2021

Custom Audio Player, Tailwind CSS, and Functional Programming

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

🎙️ Podcast

In this episode, Amy and James talk about freelancing -- finding the right clients, thoughts on Fivrr and Upwork, planning projects, scope creep, road mapping, time tracking, talking about budgets, charging, and late changes to a project.

✍️ Blog

Factorybot with an External API Data Source

Rails and RSpec are great, however… fixtures are, well, fixed. While they can be great for one-off stuff that doesn’t change, working with an unruly set of fixtures feels cumbersome compared to the freedom that comes with factories. FactoryBot allows great flexibility while using your models to generate nice little sets of test data that can be defined inline with the tests. There is more up front setup, but the pay-off is like picking that perfect piece of low hanging fruit that fills your soul with its sweet juice. Maybe I drink too much FactoryBot Kool-Aid. But what happens when there is no model or class to build a factory from?

Mixing up Stand-Up

At ZEAL we have a traditional of sharing interesting things in the morning stand-up. These "interestings" are then shared in our weekly interestings newsletter. Often times we will share newly discovered libraries or coding tricks that we found were particularly special. If you aren't already subscribed, you can [subscribe here]( There really is some good stuff here, so check it out!

This tradition has been going on for years. So many interesting things have been dug up and shared! BUT…they started to slow down. I noticed that we weren't sharing interesting things as often as we once did. I also noticed that I found myself quickly searching around just to dig up something to share. It struck me that we were in a bear market of sorts…that maybe we were running out of steam. It got me thinking…how can we bring back the magic?

🖥️ Twitch

Building with Tailwind CSS and Functional programming with Elixir

In the latest Twitch Stream, Erik uses Tailwind CSS to style his Application

🤔 Zeal Interestings

A collection of cool stuff the ZEAL team found interesting this week.

This editor makes it so easy to build great a file.

Research Proves Your Brain Needs Breaks

"In our latest study of brain wave activity, researchers confirmed what many people sense from experience: Back-to-back virtual meetings are stressful. But the research also points to a simple remedy—short breaks."

How to Actually Test UIs

Testing UIs is awkward. Users expect frequent releases packed with features. But every new feature introduces more UI and new states that you then have to test. Every testing tool promises “easy, not flaky, fast”, but has trade-offs in the fine print.

How do leading front-end teams keep up? What's their testing strategy, and what methods do they use? I researched ten teams from the Storybook community to learn what works — Twilio, Adobe, Peloton, Shopify and more.

This post highlights UI testing techniques used by scaled engineering teams. That way, you can create a pragmatic testing strategy that balances coverage, setup, and maintenance. Along the way, we'll point out pitfalls to avoid.

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