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May 11, 2021

Custom React Audio Player, Audio in Virtual Meetings, and Gatsby

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

🎙️ Podcast

In this episode, James and Amy discuss the tech behind This site was built on top of Gatsby and Sanity. They discuss the decisions James made along the way and the things he might do differently.

✍️ Blog

I listen to music when I work at home, and I don't love to live in my headphones. If I have to jump into a meeting, I go through the clunky process of switching to my headset. There are a few ways to make it easier - and one is free!

📹 YouTube

How to Build a Custom Audio Player in React

In this video, Amy builds a custom audio player in React from scratch. This is the same audio player that you'll see on the website.

🤔 Zeal Interestings

A collection of cool stuff the ZEAL team found interesting this week.

Learn How to Build Accessible Web Apps

This is a 6-part email course for learning more about building and testing accessible web applications.

Jargon vs. Lingo

"Jargon is intentionally off putting, and lingo reminds us how connected we are."

Google's Typescript Style Guide

This guide includes some great tidbits.

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