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April 9, 2020

What Makes a Good Manager

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

Take a look at what's been Creating ZEAL this week:

🎙️ Podcast

What makes a good engineering manager? Join us for the latest Creating ZEAL podcast episode where Host Adam Cuppy discusses becoming comfortable with discomfort and the noble pursuit of being a leader with Tramale Turner, Engineering Manager at Stripe in Seattle.

With a background in marketing at Volkswagen and Nissan that transitioned into software engineering at Nintendo, Tramale moved into a management role that eventually led him to realize that being the really smart person doesn’t necessarily mean being a good leader.

Featured Links & Mentions:

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Throughout the season, we’ll be talking about personal growth in the lesser-known edges of software. Fun stuff like unique uses of tech in production, DevRel, product management, and so much more ZEAL goodness.

✍️ Blog

#noworkfromhome Saturday

#NoWorkFromHome Saturday

As a seasoned work-from-homer (10+ years), here are a few practices I’ve used to disconnect from work, especially in the beginning of my work-from-homing.

If you’re not used to working from home, boundaries can be fuzzy in the beginning. Take this week to prep for your #noWorkFromHome weekend!

🖥️ Twitch

Twitch: Creating ZEAL's first Twitch Chat Bot

Creating ZEAL's first Twitch Chat Bot

Creating a Twitch chatbot is a right of passage for most Twitch streams. Today Erik is going to start building ZEAL's first Twitch bot in JavaScript.

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🤔 Zeal Interestings

A collection of cool stuff the ZEAL team found interesting this week.

When Debugging, Your Attitude Matters

This post is about writing CSS, but the concept applies to any type of coding: your attitude matters. Negative self talk doesn't help anyone. Can't never could.

When debugging, your attitude matters

Stay Inspired. Stay Home.

This is a collection of home offices. It's fun seeing everyone's setup.

Stay inspired. Stay Home. What does your home office look like these days?

Tips for Writing Animation Code Efficiently

This article is a great guide for creating web animations and taking your UI to the next level.

Tips for Writing Animation Code

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