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December 5, 2023

Introducing the Strugglecast Podcast!

Natalia Diaz



Software Engineer
Chula Vista, CA

ZEAL, an award-winning software and design engineering consultancy, is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand-new podcast: Strugglecast.

Launching THIS Wednesday, December 6, the podcast will embody ZEAL principles of sharing knowledge and bridging the gap for the next generation of designers and product developers. Let’s get into it!

Meet Our Co-hosts

Lisa Panke - A seasoned UX/UI Designer & Webflow Developer, Lisa has transitioned from Project Management into User Experience Design. Her journey is one of courage and transformation, embodying the spirit of growth and change in the tech industry.

Sunjay Armstead - An innovative UI/UX Designer and Engineer, Sunjay combines his love for design and engineering, bringing a unique perspective to the tech world. His experiences in breaking into tech and overcoming obstacles are a source of inspiration and guidance for many.

Natalia Diaz - As a Software Engineer with a background in photography and film, Natalia brings a fresh, creative approach to software development. Her recent journey into this field is a testament to the continuous nature of learning and growth in tech.

What Is Strugglecast About?

Strugglecast is more than just a podcast; it's a community where tech professionals at all levels, from junior to senior, and those aspiring to join the field, can find solidarity, advice, and support. Each episode, our co-hosts will delve into the real, often unspoken challenges faced in tech, offering a platform for shared experiences and collaborative problem-solving.

What Can Listeners Expect?

  • Personal Stories: Hear our hosts' journeys of overcoming obstacles, setting the stage for honest and relatable discussions.
  • Engaging Conversations: Expect sincere dialogues that resonate, offering both companionship and practical advice.
  • Varied Topics: From imposter syndrome to the challenges of mentorship and representation, we tackle the tough topics.
  • Interactive Dialogue: We invite our audience to engage, share their stories, and be a part of finding solutions together.
  • Supportive Community: Our aim is to foster a community where sharing and vulnerability are seen as strengths.

Why Join Us?

Strugglecast is more than just a podcast; it's a movement. It's about creating a space where struggles are acknowledged, shared, and tackled collectively. We believe that by sharing our experiences, we can empower each other to overcome the challenges that come with being a part of the ever-evolving tech industry.

So, mark your calendars for December 6th and join us for the kickoff episode of Strugglecast.

Whether you're facing challenges in your tech career, seeking inspiration, or just looking for a community that understands your journey, the struggle is real and the Strugglecast is here for you!

Stay tuned and let’s level up together!

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