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December 21, 2022

Moving From Frontend to Full Stack Puts Your Career on the Fast Track

Eleanor Whitney



Copywriter | Content Strategist
Brooklyn, NY

If you work in, or adjacent to, the tech industry you know how important it is to always be learning. New languages, frameworks, and tools come out frequently and being able to understand, evaluate, and incorporate them into your workflow is a crucial part of your career. In an environment where on average people have at least twelve jobs in their lifetime, being able to grow, pivot, and enhance your skill set is not just important, but critical. 

If you already have some experience coding, perhaps as a front end developer, a designer who uses code, or have taken a few coding classes and worked on some side projects, you’ve probably heard that learning more about backend development can be a smart career move. Perhaps you’ve explored learning full stack development, but aren’t sure where to start or if it’s for you. You might be unsure if the investment of time, and money, in a training course, is worth the effort and reward. In this post we break down why learning full stack can be a smart career move, how it can benefit you, and a way to learn more about getting started. 

Career growth and longevity 

In a volatile, and fluid, employment environment, expanding your skill set and learning full stack development can set you apart as a job candidate. Job switching is the norm for the modern workforce: About one in five people plan to switch jobs in the next six months. According to research by Pew, those who are looking to switch jobs are looking for greater pay, flexibility, and job security, all of which a career in full stack can help provide. However, Pew also found that only about one-third of workers flet finding a new job would be very challenging. Having a skill like full stack development can give you a valuable, sought after, and set of skills and make finding a new job easier. 

Full stack developers also have higher earning potential than those who know front end code alone and have the ability to work on a wider variety of projects and products. It’s also a growing field: Careers in web development and digital design are expected to grow by 23% by 2031 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, with a fuller knowledge of tech products and skills, full stack developers have the potential to grow as engineering leaders to lead and manage teams.  

Develop a holistic understanding of web development

When you learn full stack development you also develop a full understanding of how a website or tech product works. You gain the ability to build products from the ground up, awareness of how they function, and ways they can be improved. You also have the chance to work with data, use API, and gain insight into how data is stored and manipulated in specific applications. This kind of knowledge makes you valuable across engineering teams and industries, as nearly every modern company relies on some kind of technology or tech product.  

As a full stack developer you not only have the chance to learn, and work with, in-demand programming languages, like JavaScript, but also develop skills that can be applied to almost any programming language or framework. This deeper set of skills gives you career flexibility and the ability to evolve with the market. 

You don’t have to grow alone

Leveling up in your career can be intimidating, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

As part of the Learn with Redwood community, we invite you to join us for a series of welcoming, informal, and informative talks and masterclasses featuring tech industry leaders, educators, recruiters, and hiring experts. 

They will discuss trends in the tech industry, the skills you need to be a successful full stack developer and the best way to learn them, and share their personal career experiences. 

Speakers include:

The Learn with Redwood series will be held monthly so don’t miss your chance to join us and learn more about taking the next step in your career with full stack development. Sign up today! 

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