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September 26, 2023

ZEAL & Preston-Werner Ventures Host First RedwoodJS Conference

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

Announcing The RedwoodJS Conference for Builders: A Convergence of World-renowned Product Developers, Founders, and Tech Leaders Exploring Open Source Innovation in the Modern JavaScript Ecosystem.

Grants Pass, Oregon [Tuesday, Sept 26] - Preston Werner Ventures, in partnership with ZEAL, a developer agency out of Grants Pass, Oregon, has launched “The RedwoodJS Conference for Builders” taking place September 26-29. 

The RedwoodJS Conference for Builders will bring together some of the world’s best tech companies, speakers, leaders, and technologists. The conference will feature keynote speakers, lightning talks, a cash prize Build Competition, livestream content sessions, workshop immersives, afterparties, connecting events, and more! 

Several Advanced Workshops are scheduled, covering topics on AI as well as advanced Apollo and Prisma integrations. The sold-out Founders Workshop will offer startup founders a direct opportunity to “workshop” their products with industry experts like Tom Preston-Werner and David S. Price, both co-founders of RedwoodJS and investors. 

Tom Preston-Werner shared, “RedwoodJS will soon be one of the only frameworks to support React Server Components, and we intend to be on the cutting edge of what is possible with React in this new era. We have intentionally kept this conference small, to create a real community event where we can get to know each other and share ideas more deeply than you can ever achieve with a mega-conference.”

Trever Yarrish, CEO of Zeal, stated, "Innovation is not just about new ideas but how these ideas are shared and learned. We built this conference with this in mind. I genuinely believe that anyone passionate about the future of technology would regret missing this conference and I’m honored to help bring this opportunity to the beautiful Pacific Northwest and, specifically, my hometown, Grants Pass."

Featured Speakers include: Matt Carroll of the React team at Meta; Diana Mounter, Head of Design at GitHub; Nikita Shamgunov, Founder and CEO at Neon, Tom Preston-Werner, Co-Founder of GitHub; Bryce Roberts of Indie VC; Elston Baretto from; Orta Therox of Microsoft; Evan You, Creator of Vue.js and Vite and so many more.

The RedwoodJS framework is critical infrastructure for startups that have raised nearly $70MM in funding. This boutique conference is designed with connection in mind for a wide range of tech professionals from product developers to founders and tech leaders.

Featured Sponsors: Preston-Werner Ventures, Novu, Neon, Stackblitz, GitPod, Fractal, Stripe, Fixie, The Guild, Prisma, Leftlane, Apollo, Courier, Escape, and Tailwind CSS.

Learn more about the conference and schedule at:

About RedwoodJS

RedwoodJS is the full-stack web framework designed to help developers grow their side projects to startups. Founders using RedwoodJS for their startups have raised nearly $70MM in funding. Learn more more about RedwoodJS at

About ZEAL

ZEAL is an award-winning software agency that specializes in Ruby-on-Rails web and mobile application design and development. Learn more at  

Preston-Werner Ventures

Preston-Werner Ventures, LLC supports several philanthropic efforts, including the RedwoodJS open-source project and 128 Collective, which endeavors to build a safe climate for everyone. Learn more at:

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