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October 21, 2022

Want to learn full stack development? Here’s why RedwoodJS is your best option

Eleanor Whitney



Copywriter | Content Strategist
Brooklyn, NY

If you work in or adjacent to the tech industry, you know that learning full stack development can be a great next step in your career. Expanding your skillset to understand the web development process from start to finish can help you build career sustainability. Even in an unpredictable economy, full stack developers are still in high demand. 

Whether you’re a front end developer, a designer who codes, or someone who has been coding on their own for a few years, learning full stack development will enable you to explore new career possibilities. Full stack development remains an in-demand skill set, and there are currently over 20,000 open roles in the United States. It can also be an opportunity to increase your salary, become an invaluable team member, grow into a leadership position, and develop a deeper knowledge of the end-to-end process of web development and building tech products. Becoming fluent in a larger set of technologies and building a holistic understanding of the tech ecosystem will ensure your skills stay relevant as technology evolves. 

You already know the benefits of leveling up, but you also know the challenges. When approaching full stack development, it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many languages, frameworks, and technologies out there, how do you choose? And how do they all fit together to make a working app? And once you’ve invested the time to learn, how do you know your skills will be relevant and marketable? 

Effective learning takes patience, practice, and community support. For those ready to learn full stack development, there’s a new option that makes learning full stack development not only foolproof, but fun: RedwoodJS. 

What is RedwoodJS? 

RedwoodJS is a framework that’s built on the best technologies out there and puts them together in a seamless, easy-to-use package that helps you build stable applications right out of the box. It is built on React, which is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, and includes proven technologies that help you consume and manipulate data, build UI components, and test easily and with confidence. 

Learning Redwood makes learning these different technologies, and how they work together, approachable, setting beginners up for success. You don’t have to pick and choose technologies, assemble them yourself, and figure out how they interact. Instead, RedwoodJS has done the work for you. It brings these technologies together in a framework with everything you need included that enables you to quickly create scalable web applications, from a minimum viable product to an application with robust product features. Companies like Tape, which provides team collaboration and screen sharing tools, and Teamstream, built for esports events, and Pullflow, which integrates code reviews into Github and Slack, have been built with RedwoodJS, allowing them to rapidly launch and scale.

Why take the next step with Redwood JS? 

RedwoodJS makes the full stack development process approachable and lowers the barrier to entry of building fully-functioning web applications. With a single command line script you can set up everything you need on the front and back end, making the process of setting up a basic application straightforward and frustration-free. This way, you can spend less time on repetitive, mundane tasks necessary to the basic functions of your applications, and more time using your creativity to build a unique product that serves your ideal audience. 

If you are new to full stack development, you can think of learning full stack development with RedwoodJS like bowling with bumpers. It helps you learn the technology and techniques you need and builds your confidence, while experiencing the satisfaction of being in the game. It provides boilerplate code that you can customize and fill in the blanks for almost anything you need. 

For more experienced developers, RedwoodJS accelerates your launch timeline and enables you to focus on what matters to you. “When investing time in a framework, I’m looking for one that allows me to build a production-level application that’s scalable, maintainable, and easy to onboard additional team members,” explains developer Kris Coulson, a RedwoodJS core team member. RedwoodJS enables this functionality, making it Coulson’s preferred framework.

Learning RedwoodJS not only enables you to not only become comfortable with the technologies contained in the framework, but to learn the process of building an application and working with data that can be applied to additional frameworks and languages. RedwoodJS is a scalable, flexible framework and when you use it to learn full stack development, you’ll have the skills to scale your career as well. 

If you are ready to take the next step in your dev career, the waitlist is now open for our Learn with Redwood course. This self-paced course introduces you to Redwood JS and teaches full stack development the fun way. Don’t wait to continue building your career. Sign up today. 

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

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