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November 28, 2022

Why RedwoodJS is the Most Exciting Framework You Can Learn Right Now

Eleanor Whitney



Copywriter | Content Strategist
Brooklyn, NY

If you have an idea for an application you want to bring to life, a side hustle you want to scale into a company, or are a newer developer looking to hone your full stack development knowledge, RedwoodJS is the framework for you. RedwoodJS was designed with the developer and user experience in mind. That is to say, it’s a framework created by people who care about people who build and use applications. And it’s powerful, allowing you to take your side project to startup as fast as possible and grow with you as you scale. Read more about Redwood and why this fast-growing framework could be right for you, whether you are just learning backend development or have been coding or building products for years. 

Built on best in class technologies and libraries 

RedwoodJS is built on top of industry-leading libraries and frameworks that help you create and maintain scalable, stable applications while offering an exceptional developer experience. It is designed to give you access to processes and tools that help reinforce design and development best practices. 

RedwoodJS is built on: 

  • React, the most popular JavaScript framework which handles the part of your application that people see and interact with. React makes it easy to create reusable components to use throughout your entire application. 
  • GraphQL, which enables you to work with data and makes it easy to evolve your APIs over time.
  • Prisma, which makes it simple to interact with your database and create an easily understandable database structure.
  • Storybook, which allows you to build UI components and pages in isolation and provides a single interface for development, testing, and documentation. 
  • Jest, a JavaScript testing framework that lets you test easily and with confidence. 
  • Typescript, which helps you write consistent code and catch errors. 

The best part: While you may be already using these technologies, Redwood assembles them for you, streamlining the application setup processes and letting you focus on building the features you want.  

Build faster, build right

RedwoodJS helps you put code in place faster and saves you time on repetitive tasks while reinforcing best practices. With a single command you can scaffold and set up both the front and back end of your application. It enables you to quickly create a functional application so that you can quickly begin to build the features that will make your project unique. 

Redwood is versatile. It’s is both accessible for beginners and powerful at scale. By pre-generating basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) functionality it gives you time to focus on what matters to you and saves countless hours of rote work. By creating boilerplate code, Redwood enables developers to move forward faster and those newer to full stack development to learn from the code it generates and fill in the blanks. 

In addition, Redwood enforces best practices, like documentation and testing, which are also often tedious to set up. By building these into your application, Redwood ensures that you are creating a scalable, stable application from the get-go. For example, Amy Dutton created a video for her YouTube channel to help designers and developers learn new technologies. She created a ten-minute video just to explain how to set up Jest testing and included a cheat sheet checklist. Redwood eliminates the need for such a painstaking setup: You can run a single command in the terminal and your testing framework is created and ready to run.  

Robust, engaged community

One of the most exciting parts of getting started with Redwood is that you don’t have to learn it alone. Redwood features a strong community ecosystem that includes forums, discord discussions, makers’ hours to share projects and exchange ideas, and community meetups. It also boasts extensive, humorous, and approachable documentation, making getting started feel less like leap into the unknown.. 

The founders and core teams are involved, and invested, in the community and excited to watch it grow. Redwood cofounder David Price discussed how gratifying it is to see how Redwood users are growing with the framework. He related how startups built on Redwood have raised tens of millions of dollars and people who used Redwood to build their first full stack project are now being hired as developers at these and other companies. 

If you want to jump into the RedwoodJS community and get a headstart learning this fast growing, accessible, and powerful framework, the waitlist is now open for our Learn with Redwood course. This self-paced course introduces you to Redwood JS, whether you are new to full stack or are a more experienced developer ready to explore an exciting new framework. Sign up today. 

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