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April 20, 2021, Faster React and Building a Circle Graph with SVGs

Trever Yarrish


Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

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Amy just released a new podcast (with James Q Quick) called You can check out the first 4 episodes:


✍️ Blog

Faster React: Pure Components

It is easy to start blazing trails in a React app without taking the necessary steps to avoid future performance issues. You get into a flow state and the components are just blasting out of your keyboard. Before you know it, you have got a 100 components all with event handlers, state, props, context and asynchronous calls to apis everywhere.


πŸ“Ή YouTube

Building a Circle Graph with SVGs

In this video, we build and animate a circle graph with SVGs.


πŸ–₯️ Twitch

[Elixir/Phoenix] OBS & OBS Websockets for captions

Continuing our project on the stream closed captioner and moving it over to Elixir. In the stream, Erik focuses on OBS and OBS Websockets.


πŸ€” Zeal Interestings

A collection of cool stuff the ZEAL team found interesting this week.

Perfect is not the same as perfectionism

Modern perfect: A plane that doesn’t crash, a bus that leaves on time. Surgery that fixes a broken valve and a computer program that doesn’t cause a kernel panic. These are the building blocks of our built world.

Perfectionism is a way to berate others for not meeting imaginary standards. Or berating ourself as a way to avoid shipping the work.


Lip Gloss

Some virtual "lip gloss" for bedazzling your Terminal


Stackoverflow Instant Search - Visual Studio Code Extension

Instant Stackoverflow search staying in a context of your favorite vs-code. Select a line and initiate the instance search with a `cmd+h` (help) hotkey.

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