Elevating Argen’s Regulatory Process

Evolving eCommerce Compliance Through Collaborative Innovation

Project Overview


Argen has been an exemplary client of ZEAL for several years. This initiative began with the need for regulating and reviewing product information displayed on their eCommerce site. With an extensive catalog of supplies and equipment, Argen needed a clear and efficient system to ensure compliance of regulatory standards of their product data.


To create an organized and efficient process for Argen to administer, review, and audit product catalog changes.


Strategy & Approach

Working closely with Argen's Technology Team we mapped out the new user flow for editing, reviewing and approving product changes. We identified the need for a "Change Request" feature to ensure audit compliance and "Draft Products" for streamlined review of changes.

All our efforts had to integrate seamlessly with the current workflow for non-regulated products. Thoroughly understanding the existing system was paramount.


Initially, our objective was to implement a technical solution for generating "Draft Product" records. We explored various open-source libraries that would seamlessly integrate with our application. Setting aside those no longer supported, we crafted prototypes using a range of libraries. In collaboration with Argen's Technology Team, we selected one that not only met most of their requirements but was also extensible, allowing us to add needed customizations.

Recognizing Argen’s global customer base, we had to incorporate multilingual support into the Change Request process for the draft and the review process.

For the reviewers, merely seeing content alterations wasn't sufficient. They needed to witness 'live' previews of these changes directly on the eCommerce platform. Fortunately, we were able to harness pre-existing code to fulfill this requirement.


Collaboratively, we’ve progressed from an initial strategey to a refined and updated development procedure in line with the latest regulatory changes.

Learnings & Insights

By embracing Agile practices, we released this feature iteratively, gathering feedback from actual users and resolving issues promptly. Our partnership with Argen’s team, coupled with their invaluable feedback, was pivotal to the project's success.


Facing regulatory hurdles? Let's simplify together.