Elevating Finetune's Operations with Custom Software

We helped Finetune see the capabilities of custom software to complete unique tasks and manage large data sets.

Project Overview


Finetune, an esteemed client of ZEAL, initially approached ZEAL in 2018 to address manual processes related to handling extensive data on company invoices, product lists, and reports. ZEAL collaborated with Finetune to create a custom software solution, aiming to enhance operational efficiency and automate data processing.


To develop an efficient, automated application that would significantly reduce manual effort, improve productivity for auditing, and streamline the reconciliation of large datasets.


Strategy & Approach

Our journey began with a discussion of Finetune’s essential requirements and desired features within a custom application. From there we conducted a design sprint, followed by application mapping, workflow diagrams, and backlog creation. Our focus was to create the application architecture efficiently keeping their interactions with large datasets in mind.

Design Sprint

We conducted an in-person 3-day design sprint utilizing Sketch. The process involved building a library of assets, templates, and a design system with Finetune’s brand as a guide. The focus was for a user’s interactions with huge sets of data from sorting and filtering, to viewing and reconciling to be efficient and accurate.

Brand Styling


Creating a custom application arranges the software to complete unique tasks. ZEAL structured the application within a Ruby on Rails framework, with React for front-end functionality. Elixir was integrated to handle the robust datasets. The project was comprised of a project manager, software developers, and a designer to complete the application. Since the first iteration, Finetune has remained a client to continue expanding and maintaining their internal application.

Button States


A custom application that facilitates process automation and increase productivity that has allowed Finetune to expand client base and revenue growth.

Finetune Application

Learning & Insights

The design and development process highlighted the importance of building efficient applications capable of handling large datasets. The project emphasized the significance of integrating scalable technology for the client’s needs. ZEAL's approach showcased how a well-executed software solution not only addresses current challenges but becomes a foundational asset for a company's future success.


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