Rapid 5-Day Website Transformation

ZEAL Transformed LEARN Academy's Website

Project Overview


LEARN Academy, an online coding bootcamp school and long-term partner of ZEAL, sought to improve its online presence by building a new website. They approached us with a need for a swift and efficient build of their website, provided in Figma designs.


Our aim was to develop a fully functional, visually appealing, and user-friendly website in Webflow, aligning with the provided designs and specifications.


Strategy & Approach

Our approach began with a thorough analysis of LEARN Academy's designs provided in Figma, which guided our understanding of their vision and requirements. We leveraged the flexibility and efficiency of Webflow, developing 18 pages and integrating 6 collection lists within the shared workspace. The translation of Figma designs to Webflow was a critical step, involving additional design work for 14 pages to ensure consistency with LEARN Academy's brand and functionality requirements. Our process was marked by close collaboration with the LEARN team, allowing for rapid adjustments and alignment with their vision. Despite the project's complexity, we achieved a rapid turnaround, completing the entire website from initial setup to final deployment in just 5 days.

Building the site in Webflow


ZEAL delivered 18 fully designed pages, 14 of those with additional designs and 6 collection lists, and integrated project settings and styles from 120 dedicated hours.

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Learning & Insights

This project highlighted our ability to work under tight deadlines without sacrificing quality. We learned the value of close collaboration with clients and the efficiency of using Webflow for rapid development. Future projects could benefit from even more streamlined communication channels.


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