Argen Shipping Process Enhancement

ZEAL worked alongside Argen to streamline their warehouse selections and shipping process.

Project Overview


Argen, a valued client of ZEAL for several years, required an update of their warehouse shipping process to improve client satisfaction. Our goal was to enable users to choose their preferred warehouse for shipping, optimizing cost and delivery time, while leaving space for scalability in warehouse expansion.


To integrate warehouse selection into Argen’s existing shopping experience and ensure scalability for future warehouse additions.


Strategy & Approach

Argen asked our designer to add warehouse shipping information to the existing checkout screen to inform customers about the origin of their products.

Argen checkout screen with shipping origin
Argen checkout screen with shipping origin

After the design was approved by the client, our developers began mapping out a systematic approach and code architecture to integrate warehouse selection into the shopping process.

Application Logic Flows
Logic Flow


To allow this customization, we modified the software so that users can select their preferred warehouse via a dropdown menu in their account settings. Additionally, we established a default warehouse setting to ensure a seamless experience. The system was designed to be adaptable, accommodating any future warehouse additions. We utilized Ruby on Rails for backend development, as well as frontend internal administration pages to manage shipping center and warehouse information.


Codebase and logic were refactored and optimized for warehouse and shipping selection for clients.

Argen Product
Argen Product

Learnings & Insights

This feature presented unique challenges in logic flows and required thorough brainstorming. Regular communication with the Argen team was vital in ensuring all client and user needs were met. Through this project, we fortified the importance of updating documentation properly, to accurately represent the changes made during the project.


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