Crafting a Responsive AI-Powered Frontend for

How we built Eyepop’s responsive design and integrated advanced AI for their launch in 2023.

Project Overview


EyePop, an AI-driven startup co-founded by Andy Ballester of GoFundMe, partnered with ZEAL for the development of its frontend. Our task was to integrate EyePop's AI model into their current user flow. At the onset of the project, we received detailed desktop designs and technical documentation about the AI API, laying the groundwork for our development process.


To efficiently integrate EyePop's AI model into an existing user flow by developing a responsive frontend to enhance user experience and platform functionality.


Strategy & Approach

Our approach began with a thorough analysis of the provided documentation, allowing us to map out the user flows and backend structure of the application. We formed a dedicated project team, comprising a Development Lead and three Senior Developers. Recognizing the importance of a dynamic user experience, we involved our designer to create additional mobile designs. This collaboration was key in enabling our developers to build a fully responsive frontend, guiding users seamlessly from pop creation to accessing AI-powered results.

User Flow -


To meet EyePop's product launch deadline, we prioritized developing an MVP that integrates with their AI servers, using NextJS for the frontend within a Python framework. The project's success was driven by our Dev Lead, who managed team goals, sprint planning, and client communication. Rigorous reviews by our design team ensured the frontend accurately reflected the provided Figma designs, maintaining design integrity and meeting delivery timelines.

Pop-Flow Screen -


A fully-functioning application that allows users to create a pop from various sources to retrieve AI-powered insights.

Dashboard -

Learnings & Insights

This project underscored the importance of agility and teamwork at ZEAL. With a Development Lead steering the project and adaptive resource management, we maintained flexibility throughout. Pair-programming proved invaluable, accelerating our progress significantly. Additionally, weekly stand-ups with EyePop ensured constant alignment, enabling quick iterations and timely delivery. This experience has reinforced the effectiveness of collaborative, adaptive approaches in technology development.

For more insights into this collaboration, watch our CEO Trever Yarrish's engaging livestream discussion with Andy Ballester about AI here.


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