Revolutionizing Codebase for Reviewed

We helped Reviewed enhance their codebase and standardize their development processes.

Project Overview


At Zeal, we deeply value the long-standing relationship we've cultivated with Reviewed. Over the years, as they evolved and expanded, it became apparent that their aspirations for growth demanded more streamlined development processes and a robust code structure. While their team had the vision and dedication, they sought external insights to aid them in their endeavor to uplift their codebase.


Together, with Reviewed, we aimed to modernize and restructure the codebase, enhancing code quality for a standard developer, understanding and refining the overall development workflow.


Strategy & Approach

Our journey commenced with an immersion into Reviewed's codebase. Instead of diving headfirst into solutions, we spent invaluable time understanding the depth and breadth of their existing structure. This mutual exploration was foundational to spotting and addressing the real challenges.


Together, we spotlighted redundant codes and mapped the current code structure. This initial collaboration was not just about understanding the "what", but also the "why".

Propose Solution

Hand in hand with Reviewed, we carved out a roadmap rooted in modern patterns and best practices. This plan was transparent, detailing not just the "how" but also the envisioned impact post-implementation.


The essence of collaboration was evident as we jointly rolled out the defined patterns in a pilot phase. This served as a beacon for Reviewed's developers to adapt and refine. True to the spirit of partnership, every pattern was iteratively reviewed, adjusted, and optimized.


Together, we transformed challenges into opportunities, evolving from a nascent stage to a more streamlined development process.

Learnings & Insights

Our shared experience underscored the significance of laying down a strong technical foundation and fostering developer coherence. More than a mere technical upgrade, this journey illuminated the power of collaboration in reimagining the development arena. At every step, ZEAL stood as a facilitator, ensuring that Reviewed's vision remained at the heart of the transformation.


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