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January 18, 2023

ZEAL Wins & What's Next

Trever Yarrish



Chief Experience Officer / Founding Partner
Grants Pass, OR

We have some big news to share about all the awesome things we've been up to here at ZEAL. From partnering with top companies to launching new products, hosting conferences and beyond, we are definitely #creatingzeal. Check out our latest updates and what's next for ZEAL, below. ⬇️

What we did this past year:

  • Worked with top companies such as Vox Media and Reviewed to improve performance, launch new features, increase revenue, and level up team members. Learn more about our overall impact.
  • Assisted companies like Argen with building out their eCommerce solutions and reducing costs.
  • Helped clients like Fine Tune experience a 65% performance increase and massive cost reductions through digital transformation and automation.
  • Helped Fine Tune and Reviewed grow and train their internal development teams through our Software Residency Program.
  • Added new frameworks like RedwoodJs for greenfield projects. We partnered with the RedwoodJs Core Team and contributed to the framework's development, including building tooling, creating popular templates, and thought leadership through demos and conferences. Want to know more? Check out why RedwoodJs is the best up-and-coming framework in the industry on the ZEAL Blog.

What we are doing in the future:

  • Launching our first educational course, Learn With Redwood. This will be the primary course for learning RedwoodJs and taking developers to fullstack engineers.
  • Hosting the official RedwoodJs Conference and launching workshops and products for our community to learn and build alongside us.
  • Our company is currently focused on developing key partnerships with major venture groups. We are providing consulting services to these partners and their companies, assisting them in product development and helping them to expand their development and design teams. (more on this exciting development coming soon!)
  • Helping our clients to create innovative and impactful solutions that will drive their businesses and products forward!

What's next:

  • Continuing to push boundaries and create impactful solutions for our clients and communities.
  • Building products we are excited about and have a stake in with key strategic partners.
  • Continuously improving our services and the experiences we deliver to serve our clients and their customers better.

You might be asking yourself why we are going so deep into new frameworks and technologies like RedwoodJs. We empower startups to enterprise companies to deliver coded, custom solutions at lightning speed. Our goal is not just keeping up with the trend in speed to delivery; we’re setting the pace.  

At ZEAL, we know the goals are the destinations, and we focus on making the journey an amazing experience. What are you currently working on, and how can we support you? Let us know.

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